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A few thoughts from the founding team.

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Why choose our content?

#1 - Popular content for women

Astrology and horoscopes are one of the most searched-for subjects. The subject is very popular with women and an essential ingredient for newspapers, magazines and online traffic. The potential for providing accurate astrology based on actual birth date, time and place is under-utilized and has great potential for answering the individual needs of users.

#2 - It's so easy to get going!

The only information necessary is the eight digits comprising birth date and year. This information is simple to input and is available via Facebook. With this information, a reasonably accurate horoscope can be calculated for each individual user, which is used as a basis for assessing astrological compatibility.

#3 - It's fun!

Whether you are with friends and checking out celebrities, alone and investigating the romantic territory, or together with your loved one, Gosh reveals the things people might be a little too shy to talk about. This leads to open and honest conversations – and a lot of laughs.

Who We Are

A few words by way of introduction about the people you will meet at Lovable.

Ms. Matchmaker (CVO)

Plenty of experience in women’s magazine publishing & digital media has given Lara insight into delivering content that women want. She is delighted to envision the best way to adapt this miracle tool to your unique platform, helping your audience get the inside scoop. Moving beyond the 'paradox of choice', compatibility sorting is THE next step in augmented reality and online dating. Connect with Lara and take off into the future with us.

Mr. Star Man (Founder)
Adrian Duncan

Our resident astrologer and the brains behind the astrological algorithms at play @ lovable. Since picking up a book on astrology in the 70's astrology has been Adrians passion. It's a passion that has since produced world beating software, TV Quiz shows, in depth personal reports to name just a few things. For more of his work check out world-of-wisdom.com

Mr. Energy (CEO)

An award winning marketing producer from the TV industry with years of experience with shows such a X-Factor, Eurovision song contest and countless others - Tommy is now investing his positive energy in bringing the Gosh! experience to the world.

Mr. Coder (CTO)

Fredrik has tons of experience in all backend languages and is definitely the nerd in the team. He's the tech guy that will be talking to your tech guy and making sure all the services work! He writes great code and is a man whose services are sought after by some of the biggest global companies around.


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If you are curious about our work or have any questions we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line using this message form or send us a mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


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+45 3117 0555

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